A client /server system to make installing Linux kernel modules easier. The server (written in Java) allows
developers to contribute kernel configuration modules using their GitHub account.
The client program installs these kernel modules using a graphical interface (written in C++) removing the need for a user
to use the terminal. This solution could overcome a major obstacle of Linux adoption, by configuring new
devices in an easy to use manor. It is a proof of concept and not a final product. I believe with time i can
make this production ready.

For Developers to Contribute:

Details of how to contribute at This page

For users to Download:

Ubuntu only (at present)
This was my dissertation for my degree at Kent University. The text is here
I am happy to continue it's development, not only for Ubuntu linux but all distributions.
What I need: As at it's core this application this system inserts binary code into the Kernel, the system
would need a team to vet each configuration submitted, ensuring that the Makefiles are not malicious and
that binary drivers are from a legitimate source. My other projects are:
GPS over Wifi:
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